Friday, August 31, 2007

Emily's button bracelets for September Brimfield

I am calling this one Wintergreen Thought you might like a preview of some button bracelets I just finished. Just 2 big shows left... unless I can get in to the Bizarre Bazaar in Boston in December. That would be a good one to add right before Christmas. I made all of these yesterday and today as well as getting another dozen Chenille cupcakes made. Whew, am I done yet?!?

These came out so lovely. I have been hoarding up vintage glass buttons for quite some time so I would have a lot to pick from. Last year I had a chance to buy a bunch of carded old German glass buttons from the Schwanda company. I used a lot of those in the bracelets below mixed with some of my pretty modern Czech art glass buttons.

I have so much to do and finish making in the next few days before I leave. I still have a bunch of things to shuffle around in my trailer. I haven't done much to it since the Madison-Bouckville show.

I will be set up in the J&J field in booth C12 at the Brimfield Antique show Friday the 7th and Saturday the 8th. This is my July spot as well. Next May I will be in the C row too. I like it up there, it's grassy and flat and on high ground... all good things in Brimfield!


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cracking the whip on Miss Emily

I've really been cracking the whip so to speak. Utter focus on filling in my stock for the September Brimfield show. That's where I am at this week. I have not left my house since I returned from Kathleen and Chris's wedding on Sunday night. Tomorrow I am doing my banking and shipping....I swear!!

I bought a bag of quilting scraps from the 30's and 40's at The Madison Bouckville show and made these pretty covered buttons. Did them up in the truck on the way to the wedding last weekend. They have been a big hit this summer and even made the blog over at Country Home magazine website. The girls who write the blog photographed them in my booth at the July Brimfield show.

These cakes above are part of what I made this week. Told you I have been cracking the whip! I sold tons of cupcakes at the last show and they have been going well on Etsy as well. I did a big batch this week. Just got done dying some white chenille brown to do cupcakes with chocolate bottoms too.

Yummy best sellers #1 on Emily's list of greatest hits...

Above is Bella getting comfy in the work zone, well the dining room work zone. as opposed to my studio workroon or the living room. If you have been to my house you know what I mean!

I will post some pictures from Kathleen's wedding soon.

XO Emily

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Madison-Bouckville Antique Show pictures

Thought I would share a few of my show pictures from the Madison-Bouckville Antique show where I was set up last weekend.

This is such a busy time of year for me. One of my best friends is getting married this weekend in Philly and another of my best friends is here visiting this week. I've only got a few days to make a ring pillow for Kathleen's wedding and a few weeks to make A LOT of cakes and chenille baby quilts for the September Brimfield show.

I bought a pile of about 100 vintage aprons from the 40's and 50's from another dealer on the field! I can't wait to go through them and make some lots to sell on eBay.

Pretty farmy and hilly scenery.

Crazy Cakes in the sun above and some long and lovely vintage barkcloth panels below

Stacks of vintage fabrics below and a few vintage fabric and chenille baby quilts below

When I returned I was happy to see a copy of the quilting magazine that Crazy Cakes pincushion are featured in waiting in my mail pile. It's Quiltmaker Magazine and it's on stands now.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Madison-Bouckville Antique Show...Here I come!

Hitting the road...Will let you know how it turns out!

It's going to be beautiful this weekend and I am so excited to go.

Wish me luck...Emily

Monday, August 13, 2007

More chenille...

I took a little walk through one of our local flea markets Sunday morning. I met a lady named Honey a few weeks ago who also sews with chenille. She does some quilts in mixed fabrics and uses the parts of the chenille that usually end up in my scrap bags. I hooked her up with a whole trash bag full of chenille bits & pieces. She was thrilled. I can't throw away fabric, even fabric I have no use for. The picture above is some of what I bought. I love the green frame. If there is time before my next show I will get a mirror cut for it. Chippy, flaky, lumpy and real old crackle paint finishes are my favorite kinds of finishes to have on my junk. Who needs new & shiny, that's just boring.

I need 4 more vintage chenille bedspreads like I need a hole in the head but this pile was priced to sell.

More soon...Emily

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bruce M White

I recently learned of the untimely passing of fellow antique dealer, Brimfield neighbor and friend Bruce White from Maine. He was a lot of fun and brought great antiques to town. My house and booth both have lots of goodies purchased from Bruce and his son Richard. If you are a J&J regular in Brimfield you have probably bought something from Bruce yourself.
The last supper

Goodbye Bruce, we will miss you at dinner...