Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wellfleet Oyster fest 2007 Getting Ready

Been spending most of my time getting for my next show which is The Wellfleet Oysterfest on October 13th and 14th it's a fun and super well attended street festival. Click on the title of this post to visit their website. Last year over the 2 days over 20,000 people came to party in the street, eat Oysters on the half shell and buy handmade goodies from a few hundred vendors.

Pretty simple sachets... One is vintage barkcloth, 2 are vintage feedsack fabric, one set is done from a beautiful earl9 1900's wholecloth quilt. I have been looking to fill certian price points and these are my new $20.00 item. They come tied in a stack of 3 with a pretty Czech art glass button on top. I've done a big batch of these for the Oysterfest but have a feeling they will become a regular part of my inventory.

I just found out I will be one of the 95 vendors in this year's Boston Bazzar Bizarre!! you can check out their website here

Getting all my displays together is always a fun challenge. It's all about cramming as much stuff in that space as I can. At the antique shows spaces are much bigger and the shows are run much differently to say the least.

Recently I found these vintage metal flower pots and painted them pink to display my vintage fabric covered buttons. I usually show them in a flat case but that takes up way more space.
Below are a big batch of Czech glass buttons. I have been using flea market finds for displays for years now....

A few months ago I picked up this stacking metal container at the flea market. This month in Country Home magazine they are showing the same piece as a countertop catch all to hide and organize counter clutter.

Below are my latest vintage finds. I went off cape last saturday to do a little treasure hunting in some of my favorite spots. I especially love the funky fabrics and the painted bunny bookends.

This little antique black glass boston terrier below was only 2 bucks! So cute, it looks like my fat little dog Bella

This bracelet is simply amazing. What a big chunk of sterling! It weighs over 4 ounces. Not quite sure how old it is because it's marked 925 instead of sterling. Pieces marked streling are generally older. Either way what a great & showy artisan made cuff. Not for the faint of heart!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Camp Life... Antique Photos Of A Simpler Time

Beautiful photos of a time gone by. Click on them to see a larger view. I wish I was there in the woods relaxing with them eating donuts, yes donuts and drinking wine in the snow. My kind of party...I am actually more of a cake girl than a donut girl. I wonder what's in the hanging pot?

I recently purchased these photos for my own growing collection of antique photos. I have always been fascinated with the past and how people lived when life was a lot more simple. Lately I would like my own life to be a lot more simple & unencumbered. But for now I will escape in to these fantastic photos.


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Emily's Brimfield September 2007 photos

It was a hot one that's for sure. I didn't do a lot of picture taking at this show, just too hot to do a lot of walking. It was in the high 80's both days. The show was a bit slow compared to last September but the buyers were $till $pending. Most of my friends in J&J still did as well as they have done at past September shows that weren't as hot. It was actually hotter and more humid at this show than it was in July. Fortunately there was a really nice breeze on Saturday and we got out of town before the thunder and lightning came through. That's always a little scary in Brimfield when you are standing in a show tent made from metal poles in a big open field.Above is a case of smalls in Joann's tent a few down the row from me. Those are her cute little vintage plastic toys below as well. I just love her vintage fabric stockings below the toys too. They really came out great. The holidays are closer than I want to believe!!!
I am sure we will be seeing more in Joann's Etsy shop for the holiday shopping and decorating season below is a link to her online shop
Such a pretty European linens booth in the Brook row. Couldn't resist snapping a picture. Below is one of my favorite booths down in the back of the J&J where I bought the most stuff at this show. when I unpack I will share my Brimfield finds. Bought a few things for my house and a few goodies I will resale. I am keeping this folky wire heart antique doormat for my house. Here it is in my cargo trailer where I live when I am in Brimfield.
Don't feel too sorry for me. Dave, my honey, has a half hybrid truck so we have electricity to plug in to and we sleep on a fluffy futon under fluffy vintage chenille spreads. It's actually really fun. We even has a fan in the trailer since it was so hot. Got to love my man and his man-gadgets. I bought a Sirius satellite radio before we went to the Madison-Bouckville show so we had music in the tent which really makes a nice & relaxing shopping and selling environment.

These porch rockers were put to good use after the show on Friday. We had a little gathering involving a super spread of BBQ and picnic food goodness for dinner followed by a bunch of cocktails and show stories while relaxing in a big circle of Bruce's rockers. I had the lime green one in the back row.

The pictures below are all from my booth.

I met so many friendly new faces and saw many of my favorite repeat customers. One lady came to the show all the way to Florida to see me. Her husband spilled the beans on that one, said they couldn't come to town until the J&J field opened at the end of the week. She bought a big pile of Crazy Cakes to give as birthday gifts throughout the year. It was a good show overall even with the bad neighbor drama.

Cakes available at
Loved that Yellow table! Bought it first thing in the morning on my way to the booth at 4am. It didn't stay past 7 before it was off down the lane with it's new owner off to a fancy shop for resale.

Handmade goodies above...Hair ties priced by the piece and also by the dozen for wholesale buyers. Vintage fabric yardage and some vintage clothing below.

My next show is The Oysterfest craft show on October 13 & 14 on main street in downtown Wellfleet, Ma. It has a lot going on like a live band, oyster shucking contests and has HUGE attendance. until last year I had no idea that 20,000 people gathered at one time for one event anywhere on Cape Cod. I love a good street festival and this is a GREAT one. My best childhood friend Samantha is coming up from Florida to do this one with me. I am going to do a feature on her pretty jewelry here on my blog soon. We just set up an etsy shop for her so if you want a preview of her work check out

Until next time...Emily