Friday, December 28, 2007

Emily's Beautiful Leafy Madness

You may not know this about me but I like getting pretty tattoos... Fortunately, I know a couple of incredibly talented tattoo artists....

This winter I am having some new work and some old work touched up by friend and incredible artist Michael Tupper of Eternal Fountain. I am so impressed with how pretty this came out and how well the (totally hand drawn) stencil fit my arm...on the first try. In the future it will grow and new flowers will be blooming soon... till then you'll just have to stare at these pics above.
Miss Emily

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Boston Bazaar Bizarre...Emily's pics

I wish I took more pictures at this show but the lighting was not the greatest in the afternoon when I went around for my second round of photos. I did get some good shots to share with you. There were a lot of vendors I recognized from Etsy. My display was one of the tallest things in the room..hooray. I had a little bit of everything on my table, Emily's greatest hits! The chenille cupcake was the best seller. I also sold a ton of Czech glass buttons and a pretty good mix of everything else. There was a line outside to get in for most of the day. I love a busy show!

There was a lot of silk screened stuff of all, bags, clothing etc. I really liked these cute printed bags and pouches above, especially the seahorses.

These are the oddest and cutest little ping pong ball cozies. They remind me of Pac-Man. I recognizes some other things on her table from seeing her work on Etsy. Check out for more little creatures and hand made goods.

Pretty handmade yarns in delicious colors by they look good enough to eat!

These faux taxidermy creatures were by far my favorite things I saw all day. They are made by Jessica Tamson and can be found at
I came pretty to buying the red one on the right but this show was a money making mission and thankfully it was!That's Amanda and her mom below. Amanda and I met when she was shopping in my Brimfield booth and she came to the show to get some holiday gifts. I wish my mom would follow me around writing checks!
The girls above had some funky accessories. They were directly behind me. Next year, if I make the cut I will try to get a wall space. I was not so hip on the back to back rows with no dividers. It looked a little messy, not what I am used to at the outdoor shows but the money and the crowd was there and we had fun.

No, that's not Brett Mcnutt below. That was one of my neighbors who could be Brett's twin. I couldn't stop looking over there all day. It was totally freaking me out. He is a chilled out fella from Burlington VT and sold heavy duty messenger bags and some cool wallets made from recycled Bike tire tubes. The DJs were great and so was Johnny Spaceman above playing his Theramin. That thing makes crazy sci-fi noise and he was using it to make songs. Johnny payed a few Christmas songs but mainly did alternative & punk covers from bands like The Pixies, Ramones, Nirvana and The Clash. It was fun playing name that tune. A very unique sound from a very unique guy with a very unique vintage shirt. The show ended at 6:00 and we were on the road by 6:30. Loading out one table of goods is a piece of cake ha, ha, ha.
More soon...Emily

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Emily's Bazaar Bizarre preview

The Boston Bazaar Bizarre is this SUNDAY!!! I just checked out the floor plan which I have added above. Click on it to make it larger. I will be at table 30 up by the stage! I lucked out and got a great spot. The Cyclorama is a cool round building originally built in the 1800's. I am looking forward to meeting some of the other supercrafters I have admired for a few years. Below is a little preview of some of the goodies I have been working on. There will be so much stuff on my table it will be piled to the ceiling of the Cyclorama. I made a bunch of room in my workroom so I can Bring a table in from my cargo trailer and practice my set up. These vintage glass bead necklaces are next in line for my vintage restring project I showed in the previous post. They will get mixed with some other nifty vintage beads from other broken and salvaged vintage necklaces.

Some Crazy Cakes cupcake pincushions and some cup and saucer sets in progress.
These are just the cutest prom dress lavender sachets! I have been making these a while They sell well at the Brimfield shows but they have not been on the menu in a while. They are a little more time consuming than I would like them to be.
I used some vintage barkcloth, vintage feedsack and floral tickings on the back and of course some Czech glass buttons down the front.

Just a peek at some of the vintage image sachets...I have also done a bunch with pin-up and risque vintage images ooh-la-la!

Below is a map of where the Cyclorama is in Boston...


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