Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thrift shop finds and "Burniture"

Made up a new word today, burniture. Furniture not worth selling or taking to the dump. Also furniture you take home from the dump because you like fires.
Been hitting the thrift shops pretty hard lately. Always on the hunt for goodies, this is what I have found lately.
Shabby green plant stand on a super funky metal and Formica pink & black kitchen table. My favorite is the awesome pair of twin bedspreads. They have ruffles all around that go to the floor! So much great fabric!! I love the black and grey bows. They are in great shape too. More funky stuff like a child's satin bathrobe, a fisher price play stove from the 70's, a light up Jesus memorial art piece, lots of colorful thread on old wooden spools, vintage beads, little black plastic top hats, made in Japan pink oval floral planter, awesome matte glazed Asian boy lamp, glass amberina toothpick holder, sweet art deco print with poem, and set of 3 painted aluminium canisters which are just the coolest!

Almost forgot about these vintage glass Boston Terriers! I love these and I have found them in almost every color they were made in. When I find a matte black one with the rhinestone eyes still in tact I will keep it.
Brimfield is right around the corner. This is the 50th anniversary of the Brimfield antique shows. Hope you can make it this year!

More soon...XO Emily


Shonna @ The Shabby Queen said...

Hi Emily,
You got some great finds..there :) ...And that pink table...oh my goodness!!! I love it..I would love to see more pics of it!I would so love to find one of those!..lucky you! and I love that Fabric...XOXO

Stylopath said...

Wow great bits. Some of my favourite fabrics are thrifted bedspreads.

Paula Prass said...

What a treat! So glad you found me so I could find you. Speaking of great finds...these are all fantastic. That drapery! Now let me check out the rest of your blog.

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

fantastic blog! i adore your style and your shops!
great :-D so happy to have found you


glenna said...

Love those aluminum canisters!

SoapLane said...

Burniture. My new favorite made up word... Every Thanksgiving my husbands family has a giant furniture burning(furniture from old rentals and such)...good to know we aren't the only ones who enjoy photographing flaming sofas.