Saturday, May 2, 2009

More nifty junque for Brimfield

It's raining out on The Cape today but the sun is coming out through the clouds as I type. Funky yellow oak stand,m another fantastic yard sale score! I am tempted to keep it, it was such a bargain.
Have a so-so thrifted vintage plastic suitcase kicking around?? Why not dress it up with some "old" (reprinted) travel stickers? That's what I did here. The stickers cane from a fancy paper store. It cost me dollars for 15 big stickers. I love old luggage for storage and I use it a lot in my show displays at craft shows. A great way to store your craft show stock & supplies in style.
It's a crappy rainy day here on the cape. I am going back to my studio.


glenna said...

I like vintage suit cases for too, but have problems with the musty old smell. I've cleanedthem. I've used baking soda sprinkled in them. I've let them air out for DAYS, but they still smell 'old'.

I even removed the satin lining from one suit case thinking that would help.

What can I do to get rid of it?

Emily aka Crazy Cakes said...

hi glenna, i pass them up if they are stinky. just haven't found anything to get rid of the smell. sunshine will work if they aren't too bad.