Saturday, July 19, 2008

Emily's July 2008 Brimfield Antique Show Pics

Is it time to leave for Brimfield yet???There was stuff tied on the roof this time. The cab of the van was totally crammed full with just enough room for me to fit in there and drive.Ok, so I did this show all by myself with no help so I couldn't get around the field much to show a lot of other booths so most of these pics are of my junque. My friends and neighbors made sure I had what I needed to eat and drink and came to help out so I could run off and have a pee when I needed.
I love small painted furniture and storage pieces and buy all I can to have in my booth...if they don't sell who cares. I will use them myself for my overabundance of buttons and crafty supplies. Below are some Crazy Cakes, vintage aprons and clothing.

More goodies in my booth.

Above is a table full of buttons, vintage beads and other ingredients for your creations.

Below is my front yard on the second day. Thought I would switch it up a little.

Last may I sold Linda 6 yards of pink floral 40's fabric. She had it made in to the beautiful jacket she's wearing. It was so cool to actually see what became of the fabric. I never know what folks will be doing with what they buy from me. Linda is a great customer and buys a lot of Shabby Chic stuff from me.
Below are some cute little shoppers trying on vintage Whiting Davis bib necklaces. They both ended up buying some pretty vintage fabric fabric covered ponytail holders.

The art section above and Czech button mania below.

More of my booth

George's empire of filth was looking pretty good at this show!
That's his stuff above and below.
I bought a bunch of vintage slips and some vintage clothing from George at this show. Besides that and 25 pounds of buttons from another dealer I was pretty good about coming home with all the money I made.
Below are some pretty pieces from my neighbors. She's called the teapot lady and her husband is called the chair man. They are some of the nicest folks you will ever meet at a show.
That's the teapot lady with her awesome collection of printed glassware sets from the 50's.
All in all it was a good show. I earned enough money to buy a brand new shiny red cargo travel trailer and take care of the ever growing bill pile so I am happy.

Can't wait for The September show!!!
See you there...XO Emily

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I'm so glad you did so well at Brimfield! Great pictures.
I can never remember my blogger id, so I am anonymous Jen Sexton.