Sunday, August 10, 2008

Who needs hair???

little kids with cancer that have none, that's who. I got my hair cut last week and donated it all to locks of love. They are an organization that makes wigs for children with cancer and other diseases. My love came with me and waited while I got my new do. I needed some moral's a big and much needed change.

I has it done at Solstice in Hyannis here on the Cape. Dru cut it and she did a superb job! She razor cut most of it and it was really cool to watch it take shape. Below is a link to the salon.

My Chatham craft show is in a few days. As usual I am in a mad rush to get everything finished up and packed in to my van. Last minute Lewis should be my new name!



sheridan-jade said...

awww thats a really lovely thing to do

Emily aka Crazy Cakes said...

thanks! i forgot how much i loved having short hair!

Anonymous said...

Wow-- you look incredible!!! I love the color on you, too!

anonymous sexton

Emily aka Crazy Cakes said...

thanks miss sexton. i can't find any of your email addresses. drop me a line sometime at