Monday, July 20, 2009

Emily's Brimfield July 2009 show pics & purchases

I love Brimfield. Especially the J&J field and the folks who do such a good job running it. Great show. Good weather, good crowd and great shopping!!!

Below is my booth, van & trailer on Saturday morning. I had no neighbor beside me so, I took advantage of it as my personal parking spot.
I bought this great country cabinet for storage in my studio. It was a steal. The July Brimfield show is a great opportunity to buy big stuff at small prices.

Bella had to get inside, once I got it in the house, and check for antique smells.
Above Bella is a load of vintage printed hand towels and tablecloths in need of a good soak. They will be going back to Brimfield in September as clean crisp goods for sale.
I love freaky Halloween decorations and Bella will sit next to or on anything if she thinks she's getting a treat after. I love that dog.
Below is the other country storage piece I got for a steal. I love the creamy yellow paint. Good lookin' huh??
Here are the Halloween decorations in the light atop a mountain of vintage metal locker baskets.
Sweet vintage smock apron below in amazing novelty fruit fabric with lots o bias tape edging. If only I wasn't so long in the middle. Vintage clothing & aprons would fit me so much better.
Below is a fun mixed drinks tablecloth.
Such a funky 50's print. May have to keep this. It would make great aprons.
The locker baskets...I love them for organizing all my sewing & crafty stuff around the studio. I will show you a pic when I find the right shelf to house them. Unfortunately they are too wide to fit in either country cabinet I just bought. They fit sideways but it's a less efficient use of space.
Below are the great printed linens waiting for a little soaking & sunshine to make them feel all pretty again.
Below are some vintage valentines I got from my friend Ann Marie. She has an awesome Shabby Chic style booth in the row behind me. She and her husband A.J. take good care of me when I do Brimfield by myself.
I couldn't pass up a collection of vintage hankies. It's so fun to buy a huge pile of something vintage!
Well, that's the photo roundup from my July Brimfield show. Already have a great load for September and I am on the hunt almost daily to bring you the greatest vintage and handmade goodies at the best possible prices. I know it's tough out there, but I am thinking of you!
More Soon...XO Emily

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