Monday, August 17, 2009

A Few Things

First off, I am very much looking forward to fall weather & cooler days. Also some of my favorite artisan fairs happen in the fall months. I am contacted by show promoters quite often who have seen my setup at other shows. This year I have been invited to participate in some very nice craft shows, artisans fairs or whatever we are calling them these days. I am about to book a show in Dedham Mass on the Endicott Estate Here is a link to the BEAUTIFUL property. Sorry, I stink at html and word links... I was intrigued! It's located at 656 East St. Dedham, mass and the show I am booking is on Sunday, October 4th. Can't wait.

Another development that's got me giddy is a production deal I have been working on. Production, as in having findings produced overseas which are designed to work with my Czech art glass buttons. The buttons are odd sizes and it's been torture to find NICE well made earring findings with glue pads like these below...which are too small for all but the tiniest buttons 3/8 to 1/2 inch buttons and cabs.

Soon there will be a simple silver plated french hook with a glue pad that works perfectly with the 18.5mm cabs & buttons I import & sell. Sure, I can use filigree bases, and I do, but these are something NEW that didn't exist till now. They are being produced as I write and will be here in about 3 weeks. They will look just like the bezel cup french wires above but take bigger buttons including the mini Dragonfly!!

Ok, back to work for me...XO EM

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