Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall shows and new handmade goodies

I am ready to settle in to fall. My favorite shows happen at this time of year. Brimfield was a pretty soggy and chilly show this September but still fun. didn't get many pics but here are a few...

Above, insert crowd here.

Below some vintage crafty stuff and the Czech glass buttons which I import

Above, my trusty rubber rain boots which kept my feet warm and dry while the rest of me froze. Below, the Maker's Mark which we all drank out of silly frilly little porcelain creamers. No one ever seems to have real cups at shows. Just part of the charm of Friday Night Dinner Club activities. I was feeling warm after a few sips of Bourbon...

I am working on a list of my October and November shows and will post it in a few days. I am still looking for some New England November and December Artisan/craft shows. Any suggestions?


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