Sunday, May 27, 2007

The End is Near

The end of the petsitting weekend that is...

When you live in a seasonal area holiday weekends can be a drag...Not this one though. Instead of hiding out from all the tourists and traffic I've been petsitting and dogwalking for my friend Patti. She owns Paws*n*Claws petsitting service here on The Cape. While she is away, I run her business. It's turned in to a nice little random part time job for me. She's got me booked for a weekend here and a week here and there so she can actually have a life as well as a booming business, not easy to do when you are a one woman show. It's a nice break for me to get out of my sewing room, get some exercise and to not think about what I should be making or cleaning.
Since Thursday I have been doing overnights for an ancient dog named Barnaby who's nearly deaf and nearly blind yet still mackin' it in the lap of luxury! That's fuzzy ol' Barnaby at the top. It's been nice to be paid to sleep at Barnaby's house but I have not had any internet access in the evenings. How addicted I have become to the internet, if not addicted at least dependent! It's been nice having a break though. Barnaby's house looks over the salt marsh and flats that lead down to Cape Cod Bay in Yarmouthport. The sunrises and sunsets have been AMAZING! Barnaby is too old to go very long without having a pee so I have been able to catch a few sunrises this weekend.

This is a picture of my favorite dog clan on Patti's customer list. This crew lives in a multi-million dollar home overlooking long pond on the Brewster side. I visited them a few days ago. The Great Dane is Gracie, I just love her!! She's my favorite dog out of all Patti's clients. Gracie lives with Jackson the fat yellow lab and Mickey the little wiener dog who has the sweetest light blue eyes. Can you see him down by Gracie's feet? Gracie's head alone is bigger than my Boston Terrier Sasha!

More soon...Emily

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