Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Czech art glass button styles on the way!!!!

Recently one of the button makers I buy from in the Czech Republic sent me some pretty pictures of new button designs. They are all so pretty, I can't wait until my order shows up. It will be a while, hopefully by the July Brimfield show. I Made a huge order! They don't make them until they are ordered and they are all hand pressed and hand finished. All those things take time. I am able to mix and match any finish on any button with any color glass and paint. It's so fun putting the orders together. I never remember what I ordered and it's like Christmas when I unwrap them getting ready to take my pictures for eBay.

I ordered a bunch of these pictured below but can't remember which ones. I know I got the dark blue iridescent and the pinkish ones near that one. They are smallish buttons only available in one size that measures about 11/16, the same size as the new mini dragonflies that have been so popular.

The picture above and below are close ups. Aren't they gorgeous? The buttons pictured below are about the size of a quarter in lacy and iridescent finishes.

Below are 2 factory cards of new offerings. Unfortunately you can't upload very big pictures to this blog but if you click on the pictures they will show actual size.

I can't wait to see them in person....

...and order more mmwahahahah!!!


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