Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Brimfield Scramble

This week I am doing the Brimfield scramble to get ready for the show. There is lots of packing and cooking to do still. The trailer is already full up to the top and the van is getting there too. There are shows that run all week but I just do a weekend show in the J&J field which is open on Friday and Saturday. I am so excited to get out and sell. The dogs are getting antsy because of all the packing. They know I am going somewhere! I have a great load of antiques and vintage linens in addition to my handmade goodies and new Czech art glass buttons. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather. So far it is looking good with just a chance of a passing shower on friday. You really never know in Brimfield since it's in a valley things can change so quickly!! I can't wait to see my Brimfield friends and favorite buyers. I hope to meet a few of my ebay button buyers as well. Ok...i am still whipping up a few more crazy cakes pieces too. I just can't stop!!

Come find me in booth #A62 in the J&J field. Coming up Rt. 20 look for the big red barn on the left.

I will post lots of yummy show photos when I get back.
More soon... Emily

1 comment:

Heather said...

Wish I was going! I hope you have a fun time Emily and come home with an empty trailer and a full wallet!

Good luck ;-)