Sunday, June 17, 2007

4 down 7 or 8 to go

OK, my honey Dave has a lot of cousins, most of them girls. Since we have been together for the past 9 years we have been to 4 cousin's weddings. Each has been unique pretty and totally fun!! Here are my pictures from the latest. There were some really neat things about this wedding that I would totally want at mine. I loved that there was a cake as the centerpiece for every table, no big surprise there huh?
Above is Amy Beth with most of her bridesmaids and 2 of the groomsmen
I love this picture below Of Amy Beth dancing with her dad (uncle Kook to the rest of us)
Amy's dress was modern, simple, shorter in the front & the details were stunning. The perfect dress to dance the night away in!

That's my Dave with a beer in the photo above.

Everything was so crisp, white and pretty. Simple elegance! The reception venue was lovely and took place in the farmy hilly part of Central Mass. These were some of the first photos I had taken with the new digital camera. Above is the bride & groom's cake, such a neat idea. I am torn between this and having cupcakes on my big day....whenever that may be. I've been engaged for 3 or 4 years now but we are in no big rush. Some ladies related the groom made a traditional Caribbean rum cake that was out of this world. I have been told it's an acquired taste but wow, it was amazing. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of that.

The girls all looked so pretty. The weather was rainy on and off all morning. It was raining when we went in to the church but when we came out there was bright sunshine! I was so happy they got some nice sunny weather for their pictures. Everything looked extra lush.
This one is so small because I was sneaking a photos from far away during their wedding pictures. I couldn't resist!

Congrats to Dion & Amy!

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