Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Vintage Finds

A happy, happy day!!!
My favorite mid week flea market was open today for the first time this season. I have not been so happy to be up at 5am in quite some time. Not only did I see some of my favorite vendors but also saw many of my good friends & favorite folks who are also in the antiques business. I must have made 3 or 4 rounds today and still came home with some money. It's hard to have any restraint when I spot something I want or can re-sell. This is part of my haul.... 2 vintage suitcases, 3...yes three 1930's wholecloth quilts, a vintage cupboard with glass doors to store my fabrics, a lovely matte glazed vintage vase, deco floral tin, a lovely faded blue chippy paint bench and a pink Morgan Jones button hole chenille. I also bought some antique French cut steel encrusted shoe buckles and a few other chenilles for sewing Crazy Cakes. Have not decided if I will be keeping the pink chenille yet. It's in great shape with a couple of spots I think will come out with the help of my old friends powedered BIZ detergent & warm water. It would be sweet for baby quilt backs but if spreads are too nice I have a hard time taking my scissors to them. We shall see.
Just when I thought my day couldn't get any better a box of buttons showed up from the makers in the Czech Republic!! Guess I know what I will be doing for the rest of the afternoon...unpacking & photographing buttons in preparation for eBay listings.
I love my jobs.

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