Sunday, July 1, 2007

Nice Work

How amazing is this??An antique cut work & embroidery tablecloth in really great condition. I took these photos while it was drying it in the sun today. It was one of my flea market treasures from Dick & Ellie's on Sunday.

You can click on any picture to see them bigger

Look at all those stitches. I am so happy to find something so pretty to hang in my Brimfield booth on July 13 & 14. I am getting excited and just started the process of re-arranging and re-packing my trailer. The July Brimfield is less busy so it's a little more relaxing and I get to do more visiting and shopping.
This is what the back of the blue polka dot border looks like. I think it's Italian or Portuguese. Either way, it's stunning and I am tempted to keep it. I just don't have a fancy tablecloth kind of house or space to properly display it.

Patti's oldest dog Guinness stopping to smell the flowers. I love this picture.

I've been pet sitting & dog walking for my friend's company while she has been in Italy on her honeymoon for a few weeks. I've been staying at her house and doing her dog walking route. It's been interesting to have a totally different life and job for a few weeks and work full time outside my home. Boy, I don't miss it at all. I have a couple of days left and there aren't many visits. So many folks are around for the 4th. The Cape is crammed with tourists!

In an effort to burn more calories I have been hula hooping. It's really fun. I like to bird watch and actually found 2 four leaf clovers when I was hooping a few days ago. Sewing is just not burning many calories and I loathe exercise of any kind...except hula hooping I guess.

Above are Czech art glass button hair ties Recently made for some upcoming shows. They really sparkle in the sunshine!

I made the baby blankets below with cotton fabrics from the 20's to the 50's and backed them with vintage chenille.

A few more Crazy Cakes for Brimfield. Can you tell I can't wait to go??



Anonymous said...

hey emily!
Oh, good, i am happy to see that you switched your comments back to normal!

Thanks so much for the link-love! I am in the process of updating and rearranging my site- I'll be linking to you when I get to linkville!

I want to see those glass buttons in person! I want some.

Great hula hooping photo!
see you soon. m

Emily aka Crazy Cakes said...

hey melissa, come on out to brimfield on friday the 13th and find me in the J&J field!! I just got a ton of new buttons. you can also go see the buttons in person at the yarmouth antique center on 28. july is a mellow but hot show.