Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Love Brimfield...Emily's Show Pics

Well, this show was so many things but mostly busy, profitable and fun. It was the end of an era in many ways too. If you are in my circle of close friends you know what I mean. The rest of you can just make things up...
Above is part of the pile I loaded in to my tent on Thursday night until 2am. The trailer was so full on the way to town, nearly every crack and crevice had something to sell jammed in it. I will be moving in a few months so some cool stuff from my personal collection was sold too. I wasn't the slightest bit sad to see junque I don't want turned in to a fat pile of cash I didn't have before I went to Brimfield. When you are in this business it doesn't pay to get attached to objects, no matter how cool or neat-o they may be. It's still all just inventory or even better... money I don't have yet.
This turned out to be one of my prettiest set ups yet. I was a little surprised it came together so easily. Guess I was more organized for this one than I thought. It was actually a relaxing unstressful show. If you have ever been to a show as a dealer you know that's unusual. Especially with all the rain after lunch on Saturday. It takes more than (a lot) of rain to keep folks away from the Brimfield shows. They were shopping strong in the morning, sold all my biggest pieces by the time it started being crappy out. May Brimfield is always my busiest antique show of the year. Hooray...By the way I am writing to you from my shiny new laptop!
Junque & stuff... Sock monkeys seemed happy next to the satellite radio. I can't believe I ever got through shows without a satellite radio. So many people commented on the music. I usually play Jazz in the morning and Blues in the afternoon. Jazz horns make me want to kill after a few hours. We can't have that now, can we?
Sold tons of vintage fabric. Can't wait to hunt for more this weekend.

Crazy Cakes are still selling strong after 4 years! Go figure. Already made a couple dozen cupcakes for my next show which is The Wakefield Lake festival. Details to follow in my next post. Above is a shot of my view out the front of my tent during the rain.

Another cool thing about this show is how many other dealers are set up in other fields. Many of those dealers have been selling since early in the week so they have money to spend by the time J&J opens on Friday. I heard lots of reports of good, great and best shows from dealers in other fields. It's been hard to be optimistic about this show season because they are always crying and whining about our economy on the news. I was afraid it would be a slow show but was happy to be wrong about that one.
Some of my regular button buyers above feeling a little soggy from being poured on.

Some of my favorite buyers are the Japanese ladies who fly half way around the world to buy vintage American 1950's stuff. They bought up all my best 40's and 50's cotton fabric. There was not one piece of polka dot fabric left after these gals moved on.

The antique Scottie rug above was in my friend Homer's booth. You can find Homer at the Wellfleet Flea market most Saturdays and Sundays in the summer. He's got the most divine primitive and antique textiles you will find on at any flea market on Cape Cod. Pretty pottery & glass outside Annmarie's booth. She has the cutest, sweetest vintage goods in her tent at every show. That's her booth below too. Trucks and toys...
This stuff resides in a friend's booth where we have our Friday night dinner club. There was lots of yummy stuff on the grill. I actually ate dinner twice on saturday night.

I can't wait to go back to Brimfield...XO Emily

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Susan said...

Hi Emily - I'm returning the visit! I think I remember seeing you at Oysterfest. Cool stuff!