Friday, April 6, 2007

Enough about Brimfield already....Well almost

I have Brimfield on the brain! The May show is right around the corner & I have been think about my load of junk for this show and my set-up a lot lately. Here are some of my favorite pictures from Brimfield shows over the past few years. I promise to take lots of pictures at the next show too.
A friend took the photo below of me putting my hair up in a booth that was filled with beautiful repurposed architectural elements like ceiling tin. I think this is from the July 2005 show. I like to take a day and come town to shop since the field I set up in is only open Friday and Saturday.
Here is something you don't see every day. A middle aged biker looking fellow wearing knee high logging boots and a manskirt shopping for antiques. It's tough to find time to take photos because this is a really busy show. I am glad he didn't catch me sneaking a picture. He looked pretty tough. I wonder what he collects. Big antique shows like Brimfield are the best place on earth to people watch. Where else can you see a one legged man (on crutches) running by your booth at 6 in the morning looking for rare cast iron pans. I kid you not, his name is Jerry and I see him at every show.
Below is not an uncommon sight, during show week, but one that always astounds me. I took this photo while we were waiting to get in to the J & J field to set up last September. It always cracks me up to see this kind of packing job. Is that how his chairs get that nice patina??

At last May's show we sold for 2 days in torrential downpours. I am still amazed my tent did not fall down! We still had lots of happy shoppers including these gals who bought cake they are holding.
This lady pictured below had on the most incredible outfit. She did the embroidery which covered her jeans and jacket. This one was taken 2 or 3 years ago.

This lady was a total hoot, don't Know how my neighbors got her hula hoopin' but what a great picture. Her friend went in to town and got some wine & came back to have a few cocktails with us.

Only in Brimfield!!



jenny holiday said...

Hi Emily!!!

Ohhh that yellow mirror is sooooo fabulous!! Love it!!

Your blog is as sweet as one could expect!! Really fun!! Will be sure to spread the word!!!

Happy Easter!!

xoxo Jenny

Emily aka Crazy Cakes said...

Hi Jenny! you guys must have been busy making sparkly Easter goodies!

Wish that lovely mirror was mine. I was just shoppin' & fixin' my hairdo! You should have seen the rest of that booth! Oh so shabby!

Happy easter!