Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Rainy days

Well, rainy days are no fun for the dog walking and pet sitting business. Hopefully tomorrow will be better but you never know on Cape Cod, things can blow in so quickly!
I have been packing some display cases getting ready for the May Brimfield show. These look so nice all set out in the case for display. Brimfield is a dusty place so it really helps keep things nice to have them in a case of some sort.

Magnets galore... made these button magnet sets this winter and just found these really cool little tins with clear covers. So great for display and it makes such a nice finished product. Almost makes it look like I know what I am doing! These came out so pretty. I hope they sell well because they were really easy and fun to work on.

These bracelets were made, by me, from old Bakelite drawer pulls or handles, cinnabar beads and of course I had to throw in some antique glass buttons. I have sold quite a few of these over the years. The hard part is finding good old Bakelite!

These were not so fun to make, they took way too much time but people like them and they match some rings I make . I don't think I will be making any more once they sell out. They will be taken out of rotation or as I like to say off the "Emily's Greatest Hits" list...LOL
That's my 2 foot long ball of hair above!

Just love these button rings & recycled junk jewelry rings. I did them over the winter before the DIY chanel showed the world how to make them I might add! I could make these every day! One of a kind things are so fun to make, endless possibilities excite me! I sold some on etsy in my shop www.crazycakes.etsy.com They are called GLASS KNUCKLES. I sold them last fall at The Wellfleet Oysterfest and in Brimfield at the September show and they were a big hit at $24!
Just thought I would add this Crazy Cake...
It's the nicest and biggest cake I have made in some time. I didn't want to mail it out! It was totally fun working with the buyer and having her help choose the chenille colors and textures. She has bought a number of pieces from me and is a very sweet lady.

I am well worn from a long day of dog walking... Only about another week to go. Not sure I could do this all the time. Projects are piling up around the house calling my name when I go by. Did I mention I have an obsessive compulsive sewing disorder??? If much time passes without me producing a pile of stuff to sell I get a little loony.


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