Friday, April 13, 2007

Treasure Hunting... And more sewing...

Hello all,
Here are some lavender sachets I make for craft shows and a few shops. They are really fun to make. I have hundreds of images and love that iron on printer paper! Been making tons of them and filling vintage suitcases I display in. It's tough to come home with any suitcases because shoppers usually talk me in to selling them!

The images are from french postcards and come out so dreamy with the heat transfer process. I back them with vintage rose fabric, then fill them with extra fragrant lavender.

I went out treasure hunting (as my friend Susan calls it) today. I bought these 2 vintage plastic bead necklaces for the dogs. They were only a dollar each. Sasha immediately snapped the purple pearl necklace and we have been stepping on stray pearls all afternoon. I will vacuum tomorrow, I swear!

Look at those faces! That's Sasha on your left and Beefy Bella on your right. They spend most of their day distracting me from my sewing and eating sticks and dirt out back in their dog yard. Sasha also has a unusual fondness for rope.

Just bought this rolling laundry bin and filled it with vintage fabric in the creepiest mustiest estate sale house I have been in lately. The fabric is actually really nice vintage 50's stuff. It just needs to be aired out I used to work for the estate company that was holding the sale. it can be fun but it doesn't pay well enough for me anymore. I really miss it though. Going through the entire contents of a home in just a few days before the sale is held. You never know what you will find stashed away by nutty old people!
More treasure hunting tomorrow. Wellfleet Flea market here I come!

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