Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cracking the whip on Miss Emily

I've really been cracking the whip so to speak. Utter focus on filling in my stock for the September Brimfield show. That's where I am at this week. I have not left my house since I returned from Kathleen and Chris's wedding on Sunday night. Tomorrow I am doing my banking and shipping....I swear!!

I bought a bag of quilting scraps from the 30's and 40's at The Madison Bouckville show and made these pretty covered buttons. Did them up in the truck on the way to the wedding last weekend. They have been a big hit this summer and even made the blog over at Country Home magazine website. The girls who write the blog photographed them in my booth at the July Brimfield show.

These cakes above are part of what I made this week. Told you I have been cracking the whip! I sold tons of cupcakes at the last show and they have been going well on Etsy as well. I did a big batch this week. Just got done dying some white chenille brown to do cupcakes with chocolate bottoms too.

Yummy best sellers #1 on Emily's list of greatest hits...

Above is Bella getting comfy in the work zone, well the dining room work zone. as opposed to my studio workroon or the living room. If you have been to my house you know what I mean!

I will post some pictures from Kathleen's wedding soon.

XO Emily

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Claire said...

I have just seen your blog - I love your cakes. Over here we call the quilts you are using Candlewick, and I really really regret giving away some of the lovely ones I had years ago - really wish I had them now! Will pop back again soon and see what other lovely things you have made.