Monday, August 13, 2007

More chenille...

I took a little walk through one of our local flea markets Sunday morning. I met a lady named Honey a few weeks ago who also sews with chenille. She does some quilts in mixed fabrics and uses the parts of the chenille that usually end up in my scrap bags. I hooked her up with a whole trash bag full of chenille bits & pieces. She was thrilled. I can't throw away fabric, even fabric I have no use for. The picture above is some of what I bought. I love the green frame. If there is time before my next show I will get a mirror cut for it. Chippy, flaky, lumpy and real old crackle paint finishes are my favorite kinds of finishes to have on my junk. Who needs new & shiny, that's just boring.

I need 4 more vintage chenille bedspreads like I need a hole in the head but this pile was priced to sell.

More soon...Emily

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