Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Madison-Bouckville Antique Show pictures

Thought I would share a few of my show pictures from the Madison-Bouckville Antique show where I was set up last weekend.

This is such a busy time of year for me. One of my best friends is getting married this weekend in Philly and another of my best friends is here visiting this week. I've only got a few days to make a ring pillow for Kathleen's wedding and a few weeks to make A LOT of cakes and chenille baby quilts for the September Brimfield show.

I bought a pile of about 100 vintage aprons from the 40's and 50's from another dealer on the field! I can't wait to go through them and make some lots to sell on eBay.

Pretty farmy and hilly scenery.

Crazy Cakes in the sun above and some long and lovely vintage barkcloth panels below

Stacks of vintage fabrics below and a few vintage fabric and chenille baby quilts below

When I returned I was happy to see a copy of the quilting magazine that Crazy Cakes pincushion are featured in waiting in my mail pile. It's Quiltmaker Magazine and it's on stands now.



shewho said...

That is the coolest!!!! I'm so excited about your Quiltmaker Magazine appearance! Nice going, Miss Cakes.

janet said...

It was so nice to meet you on Saturday at Bouckville. I love the pincushion we bought and congratulations on having one featured in Quiltmaker!

Heather said...

CONGRATS Emily!!!!!!! That's so cool about your Quiltmaker feature.

I'm just sorry and bummed I didn't make it upstate to see you at this show. Just too much craziness in my life right now for it to happen. Already planning on it for next summer though. Sounds and looks like a great time. . . even more bummed now!